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How It Works

Collagen is a key protein that gives skin strength and elasticity, and with ageing, the body makes less collagen causing signs like wrinkles on your skin.

The ingredients in AfraPro cream allow your key blood elements to penetrate the skin, to allow it to begin its process of regenerating face skin collagen in a targeted way, creating strong, healthy, and lasting skin with no damaging side effects.

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AfraPro Natural & Non-Toxic Anti-ageing Facial Cream

Your Personal Facial Cream

Forget botox and other treatments that may require injection or any kind of skin-damaging.

Use our unique personalized facial cream that using your own blood plasma relies on your own body’s natural healing abilities to rejuvenate your skin.

About AfraPro

AfraPro is a kind of cosmetic cream that is used for rejuvenating face skin and increasing the tonicity of facial tissue. It consists of platelet mediators extracted from the applicant’s blood serum, combined with herbal extract that provides mediators’ penetration to the skin. The idea of penetration to the skin is taken from Persian Traditional Medicine.

The clinical researches of this project have been done under the supervision of two reputable universities of Iran including Iran university of medical sciences and Tarbiat Modarres University. The amount of the produced collagen before and after using this cream is successfully measured by a 20 MHz sonographer.

Publications & Awards

The results of our clinical researches are published in the Global Journal of Health Sciences in 2017 by Canadian Center of Sciences and education.

In addition, our invention has received the Gold Medal of 46th international Invention exhibition of inventions in Geneva 2018, including the Jury Special Award, a diploma and the golden cup. It also received the Gold Medal of the American Governor’s Silicon Valley and the Gold Medal in 16th International Innovation Exhibition in Croatia in 2018.


Platelet Cream



Worldwide, the age group of sixty years old and older is growing faster than any other age group [1]. With this remarkable increase in older adults, promoting health and well-being becomes a priority for aging well [2]. Aging well has been conceptualized using different contemporary theoretical frameworks in the last decades, including healthy aging, positive […]



Hamidollah Afrasiabian
Chief Executive Officer
  • Leads strategic direction of Afra Pro.
  • Original inventor and CEO of Iranian company that developed the original IP (Modge Zibaie Zhina).
  • MD (Iran University of Medical Science), PhD in traditional medicine (Shiraz University of Medical Sciences), Hekmat PhD (Ministry of Health and Sciences, Packistan), Medical Radiology A.S. (Urmia University of Medical Sciences).

Nastaran Baharfar
Chief Operating Officer
  • She leads and oversees the company's operations, enacts operating policies. and operationalizes the company's strategic direction.
  • She is an experienced technical manager of nuclear medicine departments at government and private hospitals; director/owner of nuclear medicine center; and assistant professor.
  • MD, and CAMRT certification in nuclear medicine, practicing doctor in Iran
Felora Penhani
Chief Financial Officer
  • Felora leads company's accounting and budgeting.
  • She was the financial manager at the original Iranian company (Modge Zibaie Zhina)
  • She is an experienced financial manager with almost two decades of experience
  • She has a BA in accounting from Islamic Azad University of Tehran

Vahid Afrasiabian
Digital Lead
  • Vahid leads digital marketing, web collateral and IT
  • He was the research assistant and IT manager of Dr. Afrasiabian in Iran
  • He has a pre-medical certificate at the Academy of Labor and Social Relations; 10 medical courses at RUDN University in Russia
  • He is currently studying public health at Brock University in Canada
Farzaneh Safari
Marketing Lead
  • Farzaneh leads and supports marketing activities.
  • She was a marketing manager with the original Iranian company (Modge Zibaie Zhina) and has been working as a marketer since 2008 at various companies
  • She has a BA (Islamic Azad University of Tehran) and MA in English Literature (Tabriz Teacher Training University)